Our Tokina distributor in Vietnam sponsored a photo contest in which 250 photographers participated with 1,400 entries. It was quite a success.

In addition to this, this same distributor will be sponsoring a sale on Tokina lens' this coming Sunday, 20-Dec-2015.

Submissions and further information on the Sunday event can be found in the link below:

December 17, 2015

Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. at PHOTOKINA 2016

Kenko Tokina Group (Tokyo, Japan) announces the participation in PHOTOKINA 2016, that will be held in Cologne, Germany from 20-25 September, 2016.

Recent trends shows us that photographers are trying to be more creative. They are trying to create something that others cannot. For this reason, they expect from the camera and camera accessory manufacturers unique and interesting products that will help them reach higher levels of creativity. On the other hand, products are expected to obtain simple and understandable features that will guarantee the user high quality and superior advantages in front of their competitors.

This time we are going to present all our range of products with clear concept, easy to understand features and focus the visitors attention, not rather on the products, but on what one can create using our products. In this respect we chose “one creator atelier” as a basic concept of the booth. It will resemble a simple maybe not attractive working space of a photographer, the place where unique, creative works can be produced using our products. Display sections will be arranged in quite an understandable, but at the same time chaotic way - like what one can see inside the mind of a creative person.

Tokina lens section will be the most high lighted area of the booth with marvelous photo gallery, presenting selected works of the photographers from different parts of the world. We will announce new lenses for our Tokina fans. For videographers Tokina cimena lenses will be also displayed. Do not waste this chance!

Filter section will be organized as a museum, where one can not only learn about the filters, but also find impressive photos. New filter products are also the reason to visit this area.

In Photo accessories section we will surprise customers with new (and we believe to be) unexpected products what will let you create shots what you have never created before!

Outdoor section will present wide range of binoculars, loupe and MILTOL spotting scopes - also an important attribute of the creative and active person. As a leading manufacturer of optical products we are pleased to tell the visitors how we create binoculars and what splendid shots can be made.

As an optics manufacturer we cannot ignore the mobile market that is getting bigger. For smart phones and tablets we will display high quality conversion lenses with unique clipping system. Our mobile accessories are another, yet the perfect way to show your creative abilities in phono-photography.

Besides the above brands and product categories, Slik tripods and Cokin filters will be high lighted as well.

We are expecting you at our creative atelier!

Photokina 2016 Photo Report

September 5, 2016

Kenko Tokina participates in CP+2017, Feb. 2017, Yokohama, Japan

In this 2017 year celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Kenko Company foundation and according to a long tradition, Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd is taking part in the Annual Asian Photo and Imaging Show CP+ 2017. Show will be held in Yokohama (Japan) in Pacifico Yokohama exhibition center from 23(Thu) to 26 (Sun) February 2017, Exhibition Hall, booth # G-08 (general zone), T-05 (telescope zone).

CP+ is the biggest photo and imaging show in Asia, a comprehensive exhibition that pursue to push for evolution in all aspects (technology, culture and industry) of camera and photo imaging. Every year, it works with the international city of Yokohama to contribute to development of the photo imaging culture.

The CP+2017 concept is to share with users the “Excitement of Shooting, Viewing and Connecting”, by disseminating the latest information on the state-of-art products and technologies from Japan to all over the world.

Starting from the “Shooting”, users can enjoy the pleasure of testing the new camera and lenses on the market, but also a wide range of products, from mobile devices, film cameras, binoculars, telescopes etc., to the new brand drones for an extra ordinary shooting experience.

The “Viewing” is as satisfying as the “Shooting” one, with a wide range of printers, photo viewer devices, professional darkroom and photo-lab equipments, and software for image processing or video editing, to provide full control on your viewing experience.

In this SNS era, “Connection” plays a ruling position as well, and users will have at their disposal a full display of devices and services, from smart phones to applications, and all kind of related services.

Keeping in mind the variety of users, our booth has been conceived to offer all products categories, including photo accessories, lenses for DSLR and non-reflex cameras, tripods, optical products, mobile products, bags and lot more. Our vision is to provide not simply high quality optical accessories, but also the ways to express yourself and enjoy your passions in your life.

We are sure you will find many interesting items that will fit your life style and personality. We are looking forward to meeting you and enjoying your company at our Kenko Tokina booth. Exhibition Hall, booth # G-08 (general zone), T-05 (telescope zone).

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Kenko Tokina at CP+2016:

January 30, 2017


IFPC (International Filter Photo Contest) 2017-2018 Opening Autumn/Winter Session

In commemoration of its 60th Anniversary, Kenko Tokina Co., Ltd. launched on April 1st its annual International Filter Photo Contest 2017-2018, an international competition that aim to reward those photographs whose photos enhance the creative and unbound possibilities that filters provide.
The previous Spring/Summer session is already over, but to celebrate our 60th Anniversary we are glad to provide one more chance to participate and race for 3 great prize awards.

Applications for Autumn/Winter session are now open!

Application period: from October 1st (2017) to February 28th (2018)

Full contest details and application procedure here:

In the link above you will find all the necessary information about theme, qualifications, jury members, prizes, prize announcement, sponsors and partner companies of the contest.

Please fill all the mandatory fields in the Application form
and send the image data.

Prize announcement and notification:
Winners for Autumn/Winter session will be announced on the International Filter Photo Contest website in March 2018.

We hope you will enjoy participating to our contests and we are looking forward to receiving your best pictures!

October 5, 2017


We are thrilled to announce that results for the Spring/Summer session of our International Filter Photo Contest 2017-2018 edition are finally released!

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all participants for applying their excellent works!

The Grand Prize goes to Mr. Nakamura Yoshiki, with his “Aurora dancing around an old church”.

Click on the link below to access complete results and enjoy all the winners’ works.

December 20, 2017

Kenko Tokina Group announces participation in the CP+2018, 1-4 Mar 2018, Yokohama, Japan

Kenko Tokina Group (Tokyo, Japan) announces participation in the CP+ CAMERA & PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2018, that will be held in Yokohama, Japan from 1-4 March, 2018, Pacifico Yokohama exhibition center Exhibition Hall, booth # G-57 (general zone)

CP+ is the biggest photo and imaging show in Asia, a comprehensive exhibition that pursues to push for the evolution of camera and photo imaging in all aspects (technology, culture and industry). Every year, it works with the international city of Yokohama to contribute to the development of photo imaging culture.


We look forward to introducing the diversified collection of Kenko Tokina photo products. On stage we will host photo professionals conducting seminars, teaching shooting techniques and doing product presentations.

Interchangeable lens touch & try corner

There will also be a display area where people can try out our various interchangeable lenses such as Tokina lenses, Lensbaby, Samyang, etc.

Stage seminar

We invite professional photographers, active in the front lines, to conduct seminars, teach shooting courses and product introductions. Do not miss this opportunity!

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February 13, 2018